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Sunday, 23 February 2014

In quest of

In quest of ,
a enigma I think.
I walked in dark,
just like aardvark.

What and why ,
can be answered by lie.
Probably this curtain moving,
is much more pleasing .

Now, convex looks hollow,
with my shadow to follow .

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


When it’s still so chilly outside temperature in BHU is reaching its peak .A Great Fee Hike in Most of the Faculties has caused great dissatisfaction among students
    Students are protesting against this Fee Hike Closing the all entrance Gates ( including Main Gate) of BHU.Only Hospital Patients are allowed to move in & Out Freely. University administration has turned Deaf, Dumb & Blind to the problems faced by students.
    University has planted P.A.C troops in huge number to control student.
There is about 500% academic Fee Hike in Fee of students. Where Students seem determined to stand and protest against this autocracy, university administration has not cleared anything.