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Sunday, 12 May 2013

New government in pakistan .

With all ups and downs pak is once again on the way of establishing new stable government . Imran's success can't be neglected . He has got more than what he had bargained for .But Nawaz's victory is much according to predictions . Results are surely going ting American ears .
                                                                    This democratic government has lot of ground to be won . Nawaz's stand against taliban and terrorism is surely appreciable but it will be more intresting to watch how long he continues on his stand .Nawaz's  victory is no less than silver lining for pak masses . I would also like to appreciate efforts of women of country who turned in huge number despite of various threats .
        In a country like pak 60 percent voter turn out is surely dream turning into reality .In past four decades its for the first time that a third party has emerged in power .
                                                                   Nawaz's statement that he has experience in working with America and he is willing to continue . He has declared his victory but final results are yet to roll down .His return after 14 years is surely the return of republic .
           One thing is for sure that PPP is one to suffer the greatest loss but it comes with no surprise as it was much expected .Corruption and terror was reaching new heights in present government .And their                    " rigorous "effort in eliminating problems is known to everyone .
                                                                      Imran's  reach in youngsters seem working out in perfect way . May be some sympathetic factor also playing a crucial role . Biggest news is that  that p.m of country has lost  in elections .Violence during elections in pak is nothing new but new thing is that inspite  of these violent acts voter turn out has increased .
                                      170 is the magic figure that would make government without  any support .Country is on the verge of achieving  another feat with around 200 killings and much more injured . 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Waves of this Ganga

Waves of this Ganga produce a soothing music,
I often come here with my mephistophelean mind and worldly pains .
Every time it cures and nurses like mother ,
her lap is heaven and its essence even better .

Always giving more than I deserve  ,
and never resisting while i misuse her reserve .
I eat and drink at her generosity ,
and return all  the waste without any pity .

Discharging waste and effluents in the morning ,
and seeking love and solace in the evening .
I call it pure and take a holy dip ,
but for sure can't take a healthy sip .

Waves of this Ganga , tell me a story ,
there was a time when she enjoyed glory .
People worshipped her by their acts ,
now left as public toilets is the harsh fact .