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Monday, 22 April 2013


Every year we welcome summer with quibbling voices,
but this year things are much changed .
Summer is on his way , amazed by the  mess ,
wondering the cause of REAL heat ,he finds no one to be blamed .

Events has shook his throne and oppugned his existence ,
standing in a corner he is trembling with fear .
All these beastly acts has made HIM tense ,
he meets his master sun and asks how to appear .

Master asks to wait and believe in his fate ,
as this land is just like desert ,always changing .
Here milk boils in Delhi only,rest places are always late ,
voices raise in Delhi only, rest places just thinking .

Summer realises very soon that sun will rise for him also ,
time will make everyone sleep,and things will move in their  usual flow .
He will again roar with his PSEUDO heat ,
and do his best to achieve this year's feat .

Sunday, 21 April 2013


कल शाम लंका पर चाय पीते वक्त एक महज सात- आठ साल का लड़का मुझसे गुब्बारे खरीदने कि ज़िद्द करने लगा .वैसे हमारे लिए ये कोई नई बात नही पर उस लड़के में कुछ खास था . एक अजीब सा आकर्षण था उसके मुख पर . उसे एक बिस्किट का पैकेट दिया और ना चहते हुए भी पूछ बैठा " क्या तुम स्कूल जाते हो "?और उसने बहुत ही मासूमियत से उत्तर दिया "अगर स्कूल जाऊँगा तो कमाऊँगा कैसे " ???????????????????

Friday, 19 April 2013


I iterate mistakes,
and annihilate them.
Tell cogent lies,
to alienate worries .
Probably its a dream ,
where I easily escape .

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Matthew Arnold's theory of poetry .

Matthew Arnold one of foremost critic of 19th century is often regarded as father of modern English criticism . Arnold's work as literary critic started with "Preface to poems " in 1853 .It is a kind of manifesto of his critical creed . It reflects classicism as well his views on grand poetic style . Arnold was classicist who loved art , literature and Hellenic culture .
                                                            His most famous piece of literary criticism is in his essay " The study of poetry ". In this work he talks about poetry's " high destiny " . He believes " mankind  will discover that we have to turn poetry to interpret life for us ,to console us ,to sustain us " .
Arnold lived in a materialistic world where advancement of science has led society in a strange darkness . Importance of religion was submerged . People were becoming fact seekers .A gap was being developed and Arnold believed poetry could fill that gap .In his words "Our religion has materialised itself in the fact , and the fact is now failing it .But for poetry the idea is everything ,the rest is world of illusion , of Divine illusion " .Arnold wrote " without poetry our science will appear incomplete ;and most of what now passes with religion and philosophy will be replaced by poetry .
He had definite aim in writing poetry .It was " criticism of life " By " criticism of life " he meant   " noble and profound application of ideas of life ". He said poetry should serve a greater purpose  instead of becoming a mere medium of gaining pleasure and appreciating beauty .
                          According to him  the best poetry is criticism of life , abiding laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty .By poetic truth he meant representation of life in true way . By poetic beauty he meant manner and style of poetry . He said poet should be a man with enormous experience . His intellect should be highly developed by means of enormous reading and deep critical thinking .
          Arnold says poetry is an " application of ideas to life " . If the application of ideas  is powerful the poetry will become great . He also lays emphasis on quality of " high seriousness "
It comes with sincerity which poet feels for his subject. Many critics disagreed Arnold ,T.S.Elliot a great poet himself disagreed his view by saying  Arnold's view is "frigid to anyone who has felt the full surprise and elevation of new experience in poetry " .Arnold classic poets include Dante , Milton , Homer and  Shakespeare . He quotes famous line of Milton

" Nor thy life nor hate ; but what thou livest
Live well : how ling or short , permit to heaven" .
According to Arnold Geoffrey Chaucer was not a classic poet as he lacked " high seriousness " .

Arnold said poetry should deal with ideas not facts . Ideas should be moral . He said moral should not be taken in narrow sense . He says " poetry of revolt against life ; a poetry of indifference towards moral idea is a poetry of indifference towards life ".


They thought us as very fool,
taking our liberality as our weakness.
We gave them time keeping our cool,
but their jeering remarks increased the stress .

Their hoary tricks agitate us now ,
and their mucky face is unmasked.
Waiting to see what these mutts have to show,
for this time Asian paragon needs to be answered .

No more MERCY to these perfidious nations,
they need to realize their hollow powers.
No need to be pylon for maintaining relations,
leave them to rant ,on mercy of others .
They need a MIRROR to see their" MAMMOTH" size,
its time for action to give them surprise.


I feel the love ,
she always showers .
Still unknown with all its forms ,
but for sure instills pride .

Pride of owing it ,
and sensing a special pleasure .
It can't have a measure ,
just a feel , properly knit .

Present in thrashing also,
like SUGAR leaving residue to tongue .
Its mother's love , I know ,
Which has its awe everywhere .

Their legacy

They fought and won,
to indite a new page.
They had a vision or illusion,
formed out of the phoenix of broken cage.

They told to preserve the precious gift,
but we never had it to preserve.
Elites stole it in amidst of mist,
thinking that we don't deserve .

Years passed but we never saw it,
sitting idle, we cursed our fate .
We need to start,without thinking to quit,
because to start ,its never late.
To get our legacy back,

we have to fight back .