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Monday, 22 April 2013


Every year we welcome summer with quibbling voices,
but this year things are much changed .
Summer is on his way , amazed by the  mess ,
wondering the cause of REAL heat ,he finds no one to be blamed .

Events has shook his throne and oppugned his existence ,
standing in a corner he is trembling with fear .
All these beastly acts has made HIM tense ,
he meets his master sun and asks how to appear .

Master asks to wait and believe in his fate ,
as this land is just like desert ,always changing .
Here milk boils in Delhi only,rest places are always late ,
voices raise in Delhi only, rest places just thinking .

Summer realises very soon that sun will rise for him also ,
time will make everyone sleep,and things will move in their  usual flow .
He will again roar with his PSEUDO heat ,
and do his best to achieve this year's feat .

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