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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Waves of this Ganga

Waves of this Ganga produce a soothing music,
I often come here with my mephistophelean mind and worldly pains .
Every time it cures and nurses like mother ,
her lap is heaven and its essence even better .

Always giving more than I deserve  ,
and never resisting while i misuse her reserve .
I eat and drink at her generosity ,
and return all  the waste without any pity .

Discharging waste and effluents in the morning ,
and seeking love and solace in the evening .
I call it pure and take a holy dip ,
but for sure can't take a healthy sip .

Waves of this Ganga , tell me a story ,
there was a time when she enjoyed glory .
People worshipped her by their acts ,
now left as public toilets is the harsh fact .

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